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About Us

Our Heritage

We are innovators and have a number of firsts that we have done and implemented. In 1989 we developed a Web site for a Textile client and had pages to sell their overrun stock online. This was linked to their back-office system (which we designed and developed) with integration to the financial systems and automatically update the Web page and inventory. In 2001 we prototyped using SAP Best Practice standard configuration as a product for SAP Africa. We made two successful sales and implementations in Africa in the year and was sent to SAP AG to present a paper on what we had achieved. This later became SAP All-in-One.

Our Mission

To have a successful implementation on every project with buy-in and acceptance from all stakeholders.

Our Client Impact

We use our extensive experience to adapt to the unique situations we find on each project and do short and long term planning to overcome issues and risks. We make sure not to over manage a project but use the skills of each team member for the betterment of the project.